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Data Science and Machine Learning Consulting

AI Adoption Consulting
Machine Learning R&D
User behavior Analysis

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

DataFlair provides data science beyond dashboards. We are a team of experts in Data Science and Machine Learning with a flair for user data analysis and building prediction models. With an extensive experience in both industry and academia, we bridge the need for scientific rigor in business settings.

User Behaviour Analysis

We conduct deep dives on what your users and customers are doing, offering key insights into growth, engagement and retention. By working closely with your team, our insights will help taking your product to the next level.

R&D on Machine Learning

We offer research & development of Machine Learning solutions to unveil and solve key prediction problems in user funnels aiming at increasing engagement and retention.

We also consult on ML methodologies on a variety of domains, including image, text and time series data.

Our Clients

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Data Science and
Machine Learning Research



Before founding Dataflair, Ricardo was an university associate professor for 15 years, researching and advising Master and PhD students on Data Science and Machine Learning. He is also the founder of the AI Innovation Hub, a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitate access to AI for medium-small non-tech companies in Brazil.


At Dataflair, he brings his experience of having worked as a consultant for several companies, from startups to big business such as Google. He believes value is created not only by analysing existing data, but also making sure the right business questions are being asked, the data stack is complete and state-of-the-art methodologies are being applied.

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We are a small team based on Brazil that deploy state-of-the-art Data Science and Machine Learning methods to improve how data-based decisions are made and maximize the value data can create in the long term. Our team have a range of specialities and all members have academic backgrounds that bring rigor to the methods applied, from Bachelor’s degrees to PhDs.

We work as a standalone team or together with internal data scientists and engineers to make sure companies are making the best use of their data. From specifying and deploying basic analytics to measure the pulse of the business to training predictive models to solve new business challenges, we bring cost-effective solutions to hard problems. For less than a full-time data scientist would cost, your company can have a whole task-focused team solving your data problems.

The Team

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