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Our Services

We offer AI adoption consulting alongside expertise in organizing data collection, building custom models for your product, User Behavior Analysis, and Machine Learning applications.

User behavior

AI Adoption Consulting

We work with you to design a clear AI adoption strategy aligned with your specific business needs. Our process involves analyzing your current capabilities, pinpointing areas where AI can deliver the most value, and outlining a phased plan for implementation. This includes prioritizing projects, advising on the necessary infrastructure, and offering guidance on building the right in-house AI team or finding suitable partners.

Make informed AI investments that deliver measurable results.

Machine learning

We use our extensive expertise in Machine Learning to make the best use of data to create features that will take your product to the next level. 

ML models can be used to segment your users, identify potential paying customers, customize interfaces, among many other use cases. We help to identify applications that maximize the return on investment and train and evaluate models that will solve the identified problems. We work with with your engineers to collect the right data and deploy these models in a safe and performant way.

We have experience on a large number of data types and applications, from tabular data to images, text and sounds. 

Machine Learning R&D

User behavior

User Behavior Analysis

User behavior analysis is a segment of data analytics that aims at understanding how users are interacting with your product in three key dimensions: growth, retention and engagement. 

It starts by making sure all user actions are properly registered, stored and made available for analysis. We can help specify what and how data should be collected and conduct analysis targeted at answering important business questions. Not only that, we bring our experience to actually help coming up with relevant questions. We apply rigorous methods but convey the results in an accessible manner that are insightful and actionable.

User behavior analysis measures the pulse of your product, beyond what simple dashboards can capture. 

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